Here are great opportunities to advertise in School of Ballet Arts/Arts Dance Generations Program Guides. 
Thank you for supporting Arts Dance Generation, and arts in your community.

Family participation provides opportunities to congratulate our dancers while businesses have an opportunity to share their support while gaining exposure! Advertisements are available for one or both of our main attraction programs, which include The Nutcracker and Paquita and Mixed Bill  for the 2016-2017 season.

Again,  thank you for your patronage and we look forward to sharing this year’s  magic with you!

Business Ads
For Both Playbills (Full Year)
 (Inclusion in The Nutcracker AND Paquita):
Full Page - $250* B/W
Full Page Inside Front Cover- $350** Color
Full Page Inside Back Cover - $300** B/W
Full Page Outside Back    Cover - $350** Color
Half Page - $100 B/W
*Full Page Premium Ads include 1 event ticket
**Full Page Premium Ads include 2 event tickets

For 1 Playbill (Half Year)
(The Nutcracker OR Paquita)
Full Page - $150    B/W
Full Page    Inside    Front    Cover - $200*    Color
Full Page    Inside    Back    Cover - $175*    B/W
Full Page    Outside    Back    Cover - $200*    Color
Half Page - $75    B/W
Full Page    Premium    Ads    include    1    event    ticket

Family Ads
For Both Playbills (Full Year)
Inclusion in The Nutcracker AND Paquita:
Full Page - $120 B/W
Half Page - $60 B/W

For 1 Playbill (Half Year)
Inclusion in The Nutcracker AND Paquita:
Full Page - $70 B/W
Half Page - $40 B/W


Check enclosed – Payable to Arts Dance  Generation (preferred)
Cash  (Do NOT mail cash. Payment must be made in person only)
Camera-ready art attached via CD/Flashdrive or by email
Ads for inclusion in this program should be submitted no later than November 22, 2016 and should be camera-ready and properly sized   according to guidelines.

Thank you for your contribution! 
Please retain a copy of this form for your tax  purposes.
 Arts  Dance Generation Tax  ID# 45-3047551


Playbills are  8.5” H x 5.5”m W finished.
Ad Sizes:
Full Page: 4.875 W x 7.875 H
Half Page Horizontal: 4.875 W x 3.714 H
• All ads are printed black and white. Color ads may be available upon request.
• Ad placement is on a first come, first served basis.
• Premium ads, including Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover and Outside Back Cover are also on a first come, first served  basis.
• Ads submitted must be camera-ready  submitted in the correct size in pdf format in minimum 300 dpi resolution. Please note that submitting    a business card or a scan or copy of a business card is NOT    camera-ready    art.    
• Ads  not submitted as outlined and camera-ready will be charged $30 for setup.
• Placement not otherwise agreed upon is at the discretion of the Director.
• Ads are limited to one photograph per ad, unless otherwise agreed upon.
• All payments, including Design Fees MUST  be paid in full at the time of ad submission.

Let our Design Team help create your ad. Fees begin at $30.00. Photographs must be submitted on CD or flashdrive before deadline by   delivering to the ADG office.
• Quality IS important.
• Original digital photography should be minimum 300dpi.
• Students should appear properly posed for all ads.
• Less IS more!  Fewer well-chosen words will make your ad better read!

• Please send us your Ad in PDF format to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
• For any other questions please call us at: (561) 577-5355


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